Nature is our only ingredientTM.

From a small American company, Coconut Oil Care strives to create the best natural products only using organic ingredients. We are committed to providing our customers with healthy and safer alternatives to other products on the market that are packed with harsh chemicals and lab-created ingredients.

We create naturally effective products organically grown in Mother Nature’s backyard, which are bursting with beneficial properties. Our ingredients all have historically proven, effective healing and restorative properties. All our products are people and planet friendly, because we know you value how you care for your body and keeping our earth green just as much as we do! We harness the power of the Coconut, with our Pure Organic Coconut Oil infused with other key essential ingredients for the best possible care. In recent years people around the world are discovering the benefits of Coconut oil and becoming more health conscious. Our company knows the value of all the extensive research done on Coconut Oil and are happy to bring our Coconut Oil Care products to consumers like you.

“Not all oils are created equal”

Coconut Oil

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