Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil is one of the most densely nutritious substances, and the good news is that it is becoming more available to western markets. It is easy to associate coconut oil with the superfoods that your trainer or really health-conscious friend is always trying to push on you. But here’s the surprise: it’s delicious! Aside from the immediate taste benefit, coconut oil is ideal for a variety of other uses.

Coconut Oil is Naturally Perfect for Your Skin

Sometimes nature is the only ingredient that you need. Our washing and daily routines are really rough on the skin’s ability to stay moisturized. Coconut oil benefits to your skin range from replacing that moisture to reducing wrinkles. Medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are easily absorbed into our skin and give it a smooth, shiny feature. Coconut oil is great for after a day spent at the beach where the elements and sun have taken their toll. It’s also a wonder how quickly it helps cracked skin. If you have cracked skin on your feet, apply coconut oil to your feet and cover them overnight with soft cotton socks.

It Gives You Shiny Hair

This is a no-chemicals treatment for your hair and scalp. Coconut oil benefits your hair because it provides proteins essential for repairing and maintaining damaged hair. The oil fully penetrates the hair shaft, and protects it against the swelling that occurs when hair is exposed to water. Unlike many chemically produced hair products, there really isn’t a limit to how often you can apply coconut oil to your hair. It is by far the cheapest way to have that soft hair feeling that happens after visiting an expensive spa.

It is an Excellent Source of Energy

Try mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil with some chia seeds in the morning. Many say that it’s better than coffee. Coconut oil benefits for mental focus have long been documented in clinical trials.

It Helps the Body to Function

Coconut oil benefits to the body’s hormone production are easy to understand when it is viewed as a source of the “good fats.” Certain fatty acids are essential to your body’s hormone production, and many diets do not provide the body with the right building blocks. Coconut oil’s concentration of fats aid the digestive system through both its physical characteristics and antimicrobial properties. A listing of coconut oil benefits would not be complete without recognizing the increasing amount of studies that show regular use of coconut oil can lead to more efficient thyroid function and weight loss.

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