Smooth Enough for Your Baby

We inherently want to protect and care for what we consider important.  Nothing is more important to a parent than the health and comfort of their small children.  One of the earliest realized lessons of parenting is that a baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive.  The necessity of skin care is abundantly clear when the infant has his or her first diaper rash.

Coconut oil is an incredible option when researching remedies for diaper rashes and general care for a baby’s sensitive skin.  Because an infant’s skin absorbs just about anything that is put onto it, the ingredients in rash and diaper creams are important.  Coconut oil is a natural option without the complications of added chemicals.  Not all babies have the same sensitivity levels to the various diaper cream chemicals on the market, but it is a safe bet that coconut oil won’t cause any irritation.

Coconut oil acts as both a barrier and a moisturizing agent for the baby’s skin.  It is a naturally antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and vitamin-laden ointment.  When applied to the baby’s skin it acts like a breathable barrier to allow the irritated skin time to heal while being moisturized.  It’s very important to keep the baby’s skin dry and clean as much as possible.  Applying this barrier to the baby after every diaper change significantly helps with protecting the baby’s skin.

This natural miracle substance is often used to treat yeast infections for babies.  Diaper rash can be caused by yeast infections, the ammonia from that baby’s urine, or the acidity of the baby’s stool.  The most common yeast infection for babies is caused by a fungus named “Candida Albicans.”  Fortunately, coconut oil is anti-fungal in that it has lauric and caprylic acids that attack yeast cells.  If the mother is breastfeeding, it is recommend that she include coconut oil into her diet to increase lauric acid production to aid the baby’s immune system when fighting a yeast infection.

Some parents may elect to use cloth diapers instead of the more common disposable diapers.  An often overlooked benefit to using coconut oil as a diaper crème is that it is safe for use with cloth diapers.  Many store-bought diaper creams create complications with sanitizing cloth diapers, and that isn’t the case for coconut oil.

The oil can be used in more areas than just within the diaper.  Coconut oil makes for an excellent moisturizer for babies.  Some infants have what is referred to as “cradle cap.”  Parents can apply coconut oil to the afflicted baby’s scalp for 20 minutes so that the skin absorbs the oil.  This moisturizes the baby’s scalp and quickens the healing process.  It can also be used in skin folds that are often overlooked when cleaning a baby.  Folds in neck skin are very common places for milk to accumulate without getting cleaned as often as other areas.  Coconut oil helps with these areas just as it protects within the diaper.

One last benefit to using coconut oil with a baby: any new parent can attest that diapers come with plenty of smells that can be categorized as anything other than pleasant.  Fortunately, coconut oil is often praised for its smell.  Give yourself a sweet smell to look forward to when holding your baby instead of the inevitable dirty diaper smell.

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