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I love this stuff and it smells so good. And always struggled was cellulite and I actually work out a lot but you can’t really change genetics. I’ve used cellulite products in the past and I do find that they were with regular exercise and sensible eating… l what I love about this product is that it’s totally natural so it’s a bit different than cellulite creams and oils that I used in the past.

It’s basically made with coconut oil which is solid and when it’s cold the liquefies in warmer weather. I keep in mind in the bathtub area and just run it underneath the tubwater when I’m almost ready to get out so that it turns into more of a liquid. My routine is I dry brush from the bottom of my legs and then go upwards… I do my arms and back as well just because it feels good. And then I apply the coconut oil on to my legs giving myself a nice pleasant massage well and at it. I don’t rinse it off because it smells really good to and it has a very herbal and pleasant scent. It absorbs a well and leaves my skin so moisturized.

So the only been a few days and I haven’t noticed any difference in the amount of cellulite but I know things like this take awhile. Overall I’m very happy with it.


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This stuff is amazing and made from coconut oil, how cool is that?!?!?!? Wow, I’ve NEVER seen or used something like this before but as a father of four with a newborn in the house, my wife and I were looking for alternative forms of entertainment and this fit the bill perfectly!

As a review of this product I thought I would come right out and say that everything advertised below is 100% accurate and I for one am highly impressed!!! Normally the claims of a manufacturer are suspect at best but in this case they actually live up to the hype!

“Nature is our only ingredient! Forget that long list of ingredients on all your personal care products at home. Most of them you don’t even know what they are, and the rest that you can pronounce sound like they were manufactured in a lab! At Coconut Oil Care, a simple list of quality and natural ingredients are the best option for personal use. No need for dangerous and harsh chemicals. Who needs that? Don’t ruin your special night with synthetic lubricants that can irritate your skin and kill the mood. Feel confident and safe using our All-Natural Personal Lubricant that is created out of all organic ingredients and are bursting with beneficial properties. Our sensational 100% All-Natural formula is silky smooth to enhance your intimate life and ensure a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Made from real, simple ingredients, All-Natural Personal Lubricant feels so great you may even forget you are using it! Promote strong sensual feelings and heighten your arousal with this non-sticky lubricant that will keep you coming back for more, time and time again. Our lubricant is perfect for intimate massages and will also rapidly relieve any unwanted dryness or discomfort. The Pure Organic Coconut Oil in our product is intensely nourishing as well, and will leave your skin moisturized, radiant and soft to the touch. It is also rich in many components, but is most of all known for its antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. So set the mood and feel good physically and mentally, knowing that you are using our preservative-free and gentle All-Natural Personal Lubricant, which is great for you and for the planet.”


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This is a medium-sized jar of 100% coconut oil deep conditioning hair treatment. The jar with a screw top lid looks as depicted and fits in my palm. The mask itself is thick (solid form coconut oil when not warmed), clearish, and has a nice scent. It’s hard to pinpoint the scent because it also contains a mix of ylang ylang, grapefruit, geranium, may chang, frankincense, sweet orange, bergamot, cypress, helichrysum, patchouli, and sunneste. I’ll massage it into damp hair and leave it on for a couple of hours or overnight. It definitely makes my hair softer, more moisturized, and smooth.


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I’ve battled with cellulite for quite some time now. Although I eat right, drink a lot of water and exercise, I still have not been able to reduce the appearance of my cellulite. That was until I tried the Coconut Oil Care All Natural Cellulite Reduction cream. I have to admit that there is a difference in my skin. My cellulite has diminished significantly. This cream had reduced the appearance of my cellulite and has also increased the smoothness in my skin. Not only is this product affordable and effective, it’s made from 100% virgin organic coconut oil. Personally I use this cream once a day. I massage on my skin after my shower to ensure that the natural ingredients were being absorbed into my skin. The Coconut Oil Care All Natural Cellulite Reduction cream smells good and doesn’t leave an oily residue on my skin. I am usually very skeptical about these types of products but I must say this cream really works and I will definitely be purchasing it again.