Big News! A Coconut Oil Care Favorite Goes Organic

The benefits of Coconut Oil Care keep growing with the newly acquired “certified organic” status of our Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment.


It’s a cause for celebration! Coconut Oil Care is proud to announce that our popular Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment has been bestowed the coveted USDA Certified Organic status. The news may be a pleasant surprise for some, but to our many faithful followers, it’s just another incredible benefit offered by this deep-moisturizing favorite.


Let’s take a minute to revisit the many advantages of one of our most popular products.Coconut-oil-care-3


Formulated with 100% virgin organic coconut oil, our Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment is designed for all hair types, and is heralded as a wondrous treatment for transforming weak, brittle strands into a stunningly soft, shiny, glamorous mane.


But how does it manage to make hair healthy while still staying ecofriendly, vegan safe, preservative-free—and now USDA organic?


The secret is in the shell.


Pure, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil contains all-natural vitamins, essential fatty acids and other properties known to nourish dry scalp, prevent breakage, and stimulate growth right at the follicle. Meanwhile, our unique blend of essential oils delivers soothing hydration to improve split ends and leave locks feeling soft, smooth and strong.


And now that it’s 100% certified organic, this ultra-moisturizing treatment is the very best product available with dandruff-fighting, shine-enhancing power. In short, if you’re looking to revitalize damaged hair with ingredients sourced solely from nature—our Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment is as close to the tree as you can get.


Smart, eco-conscious ladies have always loved this luxurious hair mask. Now that it’s ordained with the USDA Certified Organic seal, grab a fresh jar and rediscover it’s endless hair- and skin-beautifying benefits!

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